Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Photo

I have a new camera... one with bells and whistles and really much more camera than I am comfortable handling at this point. I decided that as part of my effort to learn to operate the camera to the best of my ability, I would start posting at least one picture a week here on this poor old, sadly neglected blog.

I just got the camera on Wednesday. It is a Canon EOS 60D and I have two lens. The kit lens that came with the camera (15-135mm) and I purchased a 50mm lens. I opted for the 1.8 as opposed to the 1.4 because of the cost difference. If I were more serious about photography or thinking about a more professional quality I would have gone with the 1.4 as it would give me far better use and more control of available light. The 50mm will let me take portrait type pictures which is what I typically shoot. Since the camera is not a professional level camera, I think the compromise in lens quality is a realistic one. The zoom lens that came with the camera will be very helpful to me tomorrow when my granddaughter Emily walks across the stage to get her high school diploma. She won't look like she's ten miles away like her sister did last year in the photos I took with my old camera. I just hope I'm up to the task and that the lighting isn't so bad that it won't matter.

So obviously, I chose Ginger as my first subject since she was the only one available to me. I hope to have a decent picture of two of Emily and the other girls that I can choose from for next week.

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