Thursday, April 16, 2009


I seldom dream these days or if I do, I don't remember them at all. I miss dreaming. The vividness, the realness, the waking up to realize that it wasn't life at all, but simply a dream.

The One-Minute Writer

The One-Minute Writer provides a prompt each day to spur individuals into writing even when they feel they have nothing to say. I wrote the brief paragraph about dreams in less than a minute but I thought of many ways I could talk about dreams that I have had and I now have some ideas about posts for later. Maybe this is the inspiration I need to get back to regular blogging.

How many times have I said that lately?


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Friday, April 03, 2009

Friday's Fave Five #31

While this is the 31st version of Friday's Fave Five, it is my first time to participate. As I've stated before, I continue to search for something to replace the old Friday's Feast posts from ages ago. I enjoyed those a great deal and found many of the blogs I now follow from participating in that meme. I know that I found Linda from 2nd Cup of Coffee there and it is from her blog that I found Friday's Fave Five and decided to give it a try this week. Who knows what I will do next week. Anyway, here are my five favorite things from this week.

1. Having my son here again. While I hate the reason that he has been coming home from Missouri on a regular basis, I am always glad to have him here. John transferred to a GM plant in Wentzville, which is just outside of St. Louis, last year. He is coming home frequently because they are undergoing sporadic layoffs at that plant. Thankfully he is still working, unfortunately, the likelihood of that continuing is looking pretty dim. Still, I'm glad he is home. The only negatives I can come up with about having him stay here with me is that he eats all of my snacks and he leaves the toilet seat up on a consistent basis.

2. Seeing my daughter Dee and her girls again this week. I was just over there less than two weeks ago for a combined birthday celebration for my granddaughter Emily and I but decided to ride over with my son who had over night plans in the area where Dee lives. We had a great dinner that Dee fixed, watched the American Idol result show together and played Pictionary. It was a nice evening. The next day, with the girls at school, Dee and I had a quiet, relaxing morning before John re-joined us and we went to lunch before John and I headed back home.

3. Watching my son John help his sister with a problem with her dryer vent. John is really very talented about most types of repair and I love that he helps others so willingly. He has been a great help to me with any number of things around my home. It did my heart good to see once again, that my adult children have a good relationship with one another and to know that all of them get along really well.

4. I have one more thing from my visit to Dee's this week that I truly enjoyed and that was watching my dog Ginger playing with granddaughter Erin's dog, Bijou. Bijou is a Maltese / Chihuahua mix and about one-tenth the size of Ginger (Australian Shepherd / Border Collie). They play hide and seek around the kitchen island but the funniest thing is watching Bijou sneak food from Ginger's food bowl. She guards her food bowl diligently but he just patiently waits until she follows me or someone else out of the room then he runs to the bowl, snatches one piece and heads for his crate before she can get back. It's hilarious! They run and play to the point of ending up in time out just like kids.

5. Realizing that I've had a wonderful week of nothing really special but that the week was still very special to me.

This was harder than I thought it would be but then I tend to make things difficult by over thinking. I did enjoy it and think it's good to take the time to reflect on the good things that happen in our lives. I will try to be better prepared if I do this again and have pictures the next time around. I decided a little late to do it today and didn't want to take the time to get pictures together. Thanks to Suzanne for hosting this meme!


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Thursday, April 02, 2009



I took this picture at my daughter's home in Bossier City. To me, spring is the most beautiful season in Louisiana and azaleas definitely mark the start of new beginnings in this area.

I decided to add the seasonal quote to honor the month of April and it's beauty and the leaving behind of the heavy coat of winter drudgery for the light, carefree days of spring.

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Guess Who I Found?

I am at my daughter's home and found an old friend here this morning. I am sure he has been here all along but I just realized this morning who it was in the background when I'm here that seems so familiar. It turns out to be someone who used to live at my house but went missing shortly after all of my children moved out and I became an empty-nester. My former tenant is alive and well, living at my daughter Dee's home in Bossier City and still goes by the moniker Nobody.

Yes, indeed, Nobody is alive and well and is found every time Dee wants to know who left the milk out... or who forgot to empty the dishwasher... or who left the cabinet doors open... or who left the mess on the bathroom counter... or any one of a myriad of questions involving responsibility for one task or another. One, or two or all three girls are quick to let her know that it wasn't them so apparently my old buddy Nobody was responsible for it, right?

You know what? That little sucker hasn't changed a bit!

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