Friday, March 30, 2007

Combining Passions

I love the trips to Tennessee that I've made with my parents over the years. Last year was bittersweet as mom and I left dad behind in Indiana as his physical condition did not permit him to make the trip with us. The two of us had a nice time, albeit it different (and quiet) without dad, but the memories I've stored from the trip with mom are quite special to me.

I used my favorite graphic program, Paint Shop Pro, to create a blend of photos from the trip last year, which included a side trip to Burgess Falls State Park, which is just south of Cookeville, TN.

I'm looking forward to the trip once more, as Memorial Day weekend will be here before we know it. I'm sure it will be bittersweet again as only Dad's memory can accompany us from now on. I'm hopeful that my sister will join mom and I on our yearly sojourn to decorate the grave sites of family members, some of whom I never knew, some who were quite dear to me. We also get the chance to visit with family still living in the area where my mother grew up and other family who also come into the area over the long weekend.

What a peaceful place mid-central Tennessee is... quiet and natural, right on the border with her neighbor to the north, Kentucky. I love traveling through the rolling hills nestled among steep stone cliffs; traversing curves on back roads that slow me down to almost a crawl, fearing what may be coming round the bend that I cannot see; feeling and smelling the richness of some of the most fertile soil you will find anywhere on this earth; knowing that I will soon be sharing in the early bounty of nearly fully grown gardens planted by the hard working people we visit each and every year we are there. God surely smiles on this place and the stoic people who inhabit it.

Sometimes, when I am fighting my attitude, when I let the world eat my lunch or just plain forget to be thankful, I think of this place and know that I am looking at things from the wrong direction. It centers me to think of the place my ancestors helped settle and tame.

Yep, I'm ready to return once again.

Did I mention the food? home-cooking to die for! I'm gaining weight just thinking about it!

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