Monday, April 30, 2007


I often think that I will enter some new profound thought(s) to my blog but struggle to find a meaningful topic to cover. Over the past couple of weeks I've considered entries on the VA Tech shootings, the performances or judging on American Idol or some other topical subject, most of which have been overdone anyway. I ultimately decide that my humble opinion will not provide any earth shattering conclusion to the discussions that are certain to go on and on and on.

I consider more personal topics such as another entry requesting prayer for my friend Margaret who is back in the hospital and once again - make that still - in need of healing from a very stubborn infection. She desperately needs to get to Baylor for a bone marrow transplant but cannot go until she is reasonably healthy and strong enough to make the trip. I can always find words that will bore people enlighten others about the whacky behavior wonderful qualities my children, grandchildren or other family members exhibit. I could always add another song that I want to share and post the lyrics that are such a big part of the music I love. It would be easy to discuss the 4th trip that members of my church's mission team made to the New Orleans area just last week - the memories are fresh and I have plenty of pictures that I could display. Instead, I sit here on my butt typing about my options.

Sometimes there are just too many choices.


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