Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Another Friday Night Lights - First Homecoming

***Reposting this Tuesday morning due to problems with picture display.***

This week was Airline High School's 2007 Homecoming and the first for my granddaughter Erin, who is a freshman this year. Erin invited me over to watch her band perform (in full uniform no less) on the field for the pre-game show and to stay through Saturday until she left for her first formal high school dance on Saturday night. I took her to the school on Friday as the band had to meet early in preparation for the big performance so I got to spend a few minutes with Erin alone... those are precious moments to me.

The pre-game show consisted of two parts of Nightmare Before Christmas and included an involved routine where the band seemed to continually move all over the field. It was hard to keep up with where Erin actually was on the field but I did so by listening for and looking for the flute section until I found her. They did a great job, which took away the sting of another defeat for their football team. Sarah Grace did not want to stay for the entire game so I left with her after the presentation of the homecoming court and announcement of the Homecoming Queen at half-time. We missed the band perform the third part of their show during the third quarter from the stands but we were both tired so we were better off leaving and avoiding all the traffic after the game anyway. It also gave me a chance to get some of that special alone time with just Sarah. Emily opted to skip the game and stay with a friend on Friday evening until the game was over so I will have to find the chance to spend some time with her during another visit.

Here's a few pictures (SOOC except for the one of Erin playing her flute which was cropped but no other edits) from Friday night.

Erin at pregame practice.

Practice is over... a quick shot before they head to the field.

Erin's friend Ariel on the field before the pre-game show. She and her older sister both play the mirimbas.

Boyfriend Nick in the stands well before the start of the game. We like him!

The homecoming queen was announced at half-time. I'm sorry, but I do not remember her name.

Stay tuned for a post that will include photos taken before Erin's first formal high school dance.

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