Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wednesday Night

John's asleep in the recliner after bringing dinner to me tonight and watching the last two episodes of Big Brother on DVR. I was disappointed that Sunday's show was shorted by about 30 minutes, due to the football games running over. Seems to me that there should be a better way to program the recorder than by schedule time which is likely to mess up a lot during football season. Oh well, nothing major missed. I never watched this program until he started recording it anyway.

Ginger just came back in after a quick necessary trip outside but Mr. Nibs is still wandering around in the darkness of our back yard. He'll come inside in a bit and make himself cozy for the night. I need to get a picture of him sleeping in the sink in the half bath. That's one of his favorite places to sleep. It's cool and it's also near Ginger's food and water bowls and when he sleeps there she is forced to stand guard all night to 'protect' her very existence... we all know she would die if he dared to take one morsel or a sip of water from her bowl. I've really worked hard with her to be less possessive, even taking food from her bowl and giving to Mr. Nibs while she watched. It was just her for so long that she never had to get used to another animal and although I don't believe she would ever hurt him, she needs to lighten up a bit on the possessiveness.

I need to get a picture of Ginger when she is loving on him too. She is terribly jealous of him and sometimes when she acts up when he is getting his 5 minutes of attention each day, I make her kiss him... it's really funny. Sometimes she wails when I make her do it. I swear she's part human. Most of the time they play really good together, he teases her then she chases him around the house. They do this a couple of times each day.

I'm anxious for Friday night to come. My oldest granddaughter will be in town for a football game between her high school (I can't believe I have a granddaughter old enough to be in high school) and her mother's (and her aunt's and uncle's) alma mater. Her band will be playing and I am going to go to the game. I'll probably leave after they play as I'm sure she'll be hanging with her friends and I am not much of a high school football fan these days. I just hope to see her for a short time while I am there. If I can spend time with her I will certainly stay longer.

My new study (Companions In Christ) started in earnest last night and I think I am going to enjoy it. There's less reading of scripture in this class than in the Disciple series I've attended the past few years but more personal application of the scripture we do read. We will do a lot of journaling and discussion of our spiritual lives and growth. This study definitely appeals to my introspective nature.

I'm also doing a pure bible study on Sunday nights, led by our pastor, covering the 1st, 2nd and 3rd John. No home reading, we read and discuss during the session. Weldon is such a good teacher and leader and he is very generous with his time in doing these studies throughout the year. Come to think of it, all of our pastoral staff is good about that, as well as our lay leadership.

By the way, dinner tonight came from Danken Trail, which specializes in western style cooking, barbque, smoked meats, beans that type of thing. They have the best beef brisket poboys in north Louisiana. Served with gravy and the best french fries ever! mmmm... I was good though, I only ate half! Thanks John!

Guess I better get Mr. Nibs in and John out cause I'm ready to end this rambling post and do some reading.

Night all!

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Blogger Diane said...

I like your rambling. and I'm looking forward to the pictures.

Thursday, September 13, 2007 at 9:41:00 PM CDT  

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