Friday, January 25, 2008


For the second week in a row, we had a chance of winter weather here on a dreary Friday and once again, it failed to materialize. I am not unhappy about that but many other locals are. We seldom get snow or freezing precipitation of any kind and many people here long for it. Of course just the hint of white causes businesses to close, schools to shut down and drivers to become even more stupid dangerous than normal. We didn't get that close today so it was business as usual which was great for me as I had to get a tire fixed that had a slow leak. I am headed to Florida bright and early Sunday morning and am glad that I was able to get this taken care of before starting out on a long trip with a bad tire.

I went to my cell phone provider's store today because I wanted to get a new phone. I've tried to check on one at the kiosk in Walmart a couple of times but the sales personnel there are not very knowledgeable and the bottom line is that they are out of the phone I want and will be for at least another month. Sadly, it is not available at the main store either and the very slick and knowledgeable salesperson there was hellbent determined to sell me the phone dujour, which was not the phone I want. I left with my old phone and guess I will check on one in Florida next week to see if I can get what I want there.

I have to cook chicken tonight and shred it so that we can prepare enchilada dinners tomorrow for our dinner on Sunday. This is the main fund raiser for the Mission Team at our church. I will not be there on Sunday, which makes me feel bad as I am in the first month as chairperson of the Mission Team... only 35 more months to go!!! My first month has been a bit daunting as we started the year in the red and I am totally unfamiliar with how the Team was organized in the past. Thanks to some EOY contributions that just hit the books this month, we are (barely and possibly only temporarily as some charges haven't hit yet either) in the black now and hopefully we will make a little something off of the dinner. Ticket sales are down a bit so far but we should sell more at the door on Sunday and perhaps nudge our balance up a bit more. I am finding that being the chair of a major function at church has some unique challenges. Let's just say it was easier managing a fairly large department of employees and implementing a major system at work than getting a handle on organizing a group of good, honest, decent hard-working people who are called on constantly because they are good, honest, decent hard-working people.

My oldest granddaughter, Erin, was on her way earlier today to get her learner's permit. Say it isn't so. Like Steve Miller says sings time keeps on slippin slippin slippin into the future.

I've just spent a few moments failing as part of a Rock Band on the Play Station 3 that my son hooked up on my television both as a drummer and as a bass guitarist. What a difference a few years make. I was an ace at Asteroids and Pacman on the Atari some many years ago! hmmmm... maybe I'll start a bring back Pong revival!

Tomorrow will be spent (after my time at the church) doing last minute laundry and packing. I'll load up the vehicle late tomorrow night so that I can get an early start on Sunday morning. I'm looking forward to seeing Jamie and her girls. I haven't seen Kayla and Anna since last year about this time. Jamie was here at Thanksgiving but the girls were with their dad. My computer time will be seriously diminished for a few days but I should get back in the swing once I'm settled at Jamie's house. I will be there for a couple of weeks.

Have a great weekend everyone and stay warm.


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