Tuesday, April 08, 2008

E is for Excellent!

A week or so ago, Mercedes gave me another award. This is my first opportunity to get the award up and pass it on to others deserving bloggers. This one is for Excellence in Blogging. I'm not so sure about excellence here but I'm happy to have the award regardless.

Thank you once again Mercedes. You made my day week month year with this one!

I'm going to pass this one on to Kristie at Not Quite What I Had Planned. Kristie makes me laugh and cry on a daily basis, often in the same post. She's fun, intelligent and down to earth and I admire the way she and her husband Blaine have handled the "situations" that life has handed them.

I also want to pass this award on to Linda, at 2nd cup of coffee. I found Linda in blogsville by chance (probably through Friday Feast or some such meme) and noted that she was born and raised and still lives in my hometown of Muncie, Indiana. Linda writes an occasional column for the Muncie Star-Press and works in youth ministry. She's witty and inspirational and knows how to catch your interest and keep your interest even on topics you're not familiar with and she is also down to earth. You just know she's a person with whom you could enjoy a 2nd cup of coffee.

Keep up the good work ladies. You both make me want to get better and better at this blogging thing!


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Blogger Linda said...

Oh Marsha, I am indeed blessed by this. Thank you very much.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008 at 3:28:00 PM CDT  

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