Monday, March 31, 2008

Light Housekeeping

I finally got around to updating my sidebar with a few minor changes. There was outdated information in some sections and I wanted to add a spot for awards and change a couple of others. I still need to verify and correct any outdated links I might have but I got a late start this morning and that will just have to wait.

The awards section is missing a few as I received some while working from my laptop, which went kerplunk earlier this year. I had all critical data from the laptop backed up but unfortunately, with all the travel and general busy-ness in my life the past year or so, I missed getting a few things stored to a secondary site. So if you sent me an award and it is not there, I apologize. I value them all and the thought and generous, caring nature behind them but alas, I am human and sometimes fail. That's why I decided to go ahead and get the section up -- before I lose any others.

You may now proceed with your regulary scheduled browsing and perusing of this site!


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