Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Photo

This week I chose to post pictures of some of my wind chimes. I like wind chimes but I'm picky about what I will hang. I've had the three pictured here for several years. All of these were taken with the new 70-300 lens and again, they aren't necessarily great photos by any stretch of the imagination but I'm still learning the camera and playing with the lens.

I am mostly shooting on auto but do sometimes switch to manual and adjust the settings. I need to practice more but it is so hot and I committed to participating in an exercise / movement group this month and by the time I finish with that, I'm tired and it is scorching hot. The motto in that group is no excuses and I guess I need to make that same commitment to shooting pictures. I need to get up earlier and find some good locations to catch the early morning sun. There are several really neat places and older houses in this area that I could photograph. I just need to get out and do it.

I like the bokeh effect on each of the first two pictures. It comes from the lens. 
This chime gives off a soft, joyful metallic tone. 

 I love the colors of this chime. It has a delicate, tinkling sound when the butterfly isn't stuck inside the bell.
I guess I need to set it free!

Although this isn't a beautiful wind chime, I love the woody tones it gives off when the breeze catches it just right and causes it to sway back and forth. Each of the different sizes of hollowed out wood gives off a different tone and I find it soothing to listen to. I don't like loud, clanging chimes so this one is perfect for me!

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