Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Safely Home

Mom and I arrived home safe and sound Monday around noon. John got back to the house shortly after we arrived and brought lunch with him, which was nice after our five hour drive that morning to finish out the trip back here from Indiana. Mom took a long nap and later she and I went grocery shopping and picked up a few other items I wanted to get for the house before everyone else started coming in.

Dee and her girls got in from Bossier City last night. They got here while we were out running PITA errands, you know the kind I mean, returning what I bought the night before and trying to find something else more suitable or more to my liking. Jamie and her friend Shawn are on their way now. They have a long drive from Spring Hill, Florida... about a twelve hour ride. I wish Kayla and Anna were coming with them but they are with their dad and his family over this holiday. I'm thankful they will be with people who care about them but I would love to have them here with us.

We will start cooking later today and have part of our Thanksgiving meal done so that we can be a little more relaxed for dinner tomorrow. Mom is making pies, which we are all looking forward to... ouch, I can feel my waist and hips expanding just thinking about it!

Ginger is excited at having a house full of people... Woody K. Nibs does not seem to care in the least whether anyone is here or not. I am certain though, that he loves the extra attention even if he doesn't show it!

I'm off to do my reading before everyone gets up.

ps... I enjoyed my time away from the computer and I think it was a good thing! There is life away from a computer keyboard!

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