Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Change Of Plans

We've had a slight change in plans here as far as the annual trip I make to Indiana and then on to Tennessee for Memorial Day. My mother went to the emergency room over the weekend to check out some numbness she was experiencing in the left side of her face. She had a similar experience with this numbness a couple of weeks ago so it would seem that something is going on.

It's possible that she has had a TIA (a light or warning stroke that leaves no permanent brain damage). She was sent home but will have some additional scans and tests run this week and likely an MRI as well. I decided to hold off on driving up to Indiana until the end of the week since we will not be heading to Tennessee as originally planned.

In the meantime, late yesterday evening, I was watching DWTS that I had recorded on the DVR when someone started laying on my doorbell and banging on the front door. I first thought it might be my son but that didn't make sense. There's no reason for him to do all that ringing and banging because he has keys and my extra garage door remote so he could access the house without my assistance. It turned out to be a young woman I know from church who is dog sitting next door and she needed help getting Laddie into her car. She said he was having a seizure or some type of problem and she couldn't manage him. I went over to help and finally got him corralled and near the back door of her car. He refused to get in, wouldn't budge at all so I bent over to lift him into the back seat. I got him about half way in then reached a little lower to get his back half into the car when something gave in my back.

In an instant, I was in agonizing pain. I couldn't do anything else with the dog and for that matter I could barely move at all at that point. Tiffany is a very slight built person and just doesn't have the strength to get a reluctant border collie into the vehicle by herself. None of the other neighbors seemed to be available so I called my son who came over to help. He not only got Laddie into the car but also rode with Tiffany to the emergency clinic to get Laddie checked out. As it turns out, Laddie is suffering from an inner ear nerve problem that is affecting his gait. He walks in circles with his head tilted off to the side. They gave him steroids and sent him home. When my son came over after they returned, I was on the sofa with the heating pad still in agony and very glad I wasn't going to be driving a 12-13 hour trip the next morning (today).

I am simply taking Alleve right now and seem to be okay other than when I sit up straight (so I've really avoided being on the computer most of the day). I can lay down or walk around with very little pain but sitting upright is a real problem. Also, any sudden movement or getting in certain positions is likely to aggravate the situation. I'm hoping I've just strained a muscle or something similar that will clear up soon because I sure don't want to make that long trip to Indiana if I'm still like this later this week. I've decided if I'm still having a problem tomorrow I will go to the doctor, if for no other reason than to get pain relief.

Getting old is turning out to be a real pain, literally! Just a couple of years ago, I could have picked that dog up and put him in the car with no problem and now it seems I can barely do anything without feeling the effects for days. As I sit here and listen to myself whining about the changes that getting older is bringing to my life, I'm beginning to think that aging gracefully is not in the cards for me! I'm gaining a whole new respect for those who do!

If you don't mind, please say a little prayer for my mother.

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Blogger Gill said...

So sorry to hear about your mom and your back! I'll say a prayer for your mother and for quick healing of your back issue. Keep us posted.

Thursday, May 22, 2008 at 9:33:00 AM CDT  

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