Friday, September 07, 2012

Friday Photo

I've really dropped the ball again with posting. I have taken a number of photos but not as many as I had planned on when I got the new camera. Life just keeps getting in the way. Anyway, just in case anyone happens by, here are a couple of new pictures I decided to use for Friday Photo.

This picture is actually from last week. I took some photos of my granddaughter, Sarah Grace, before she left for school the morning after we celebrated her 16th birthday. I loved her shoes, specifically the color and took this shot of them. I did do a slight color boost but that's the only edit made.

And just so you can see how lovely Sarah is, here is one of the photos I took of her.

This one is unedited.

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I obviously don't see a problem with the text running off the screen. What browser are you using?

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