Friday, June 08, 2007

God's Sense of Humor

About two months ago, I had to have the old clay pipe sewer line at my house replaced, which meant my yard was turned into a complete mess. During the past two months, I've worked my big butt off (well not off, but at least it hasn't gotten bigger during this time) trying to re-establish the lawn. Today, I wanted to over-seed and re-fertilize at least the side portion. It was very hot here so I waited until evening to start. I had some low spots that I wanted to fill in and a big bare spot to repair so I was really busting my rear to get it all done. As I finished spreading dirt and trying to make sure I was leveling the soil out so that it will drain properly, I realized that it wasn't just on the verge of getting dark, there were clouds forming.

Now understand that I didn't start this work without checking the forecast. No rain predicted until at least Sunday. Woo-hoo! I could get this done and make sure the new dirt and seed and fertilizer would stay in place before one of our gully washers came rolling in! I wasn't really concerned as it clouds up a lot here without anything happening so I finished up, started a very gentle watering cycle and proceeded to clean up and put away the tools I had used and looked forward to a leisurely and very hot shower.

Ooops... that's lightning... not just heat lightning but the real deal... and big thunder... real big thunder, booming and rumbling and obviously not too far away. I could hear Ginger in the house whining as she has started doing recently during thunderstorms. I just prayed a little prayer that it wouldn't be too bad. Please God, just a nice gentle rain that will finish watering my yard and save me a buck or two on the water bill. I went inside, turned off the computer and the television and hit the shower.

I came out in my jammies and took a look outside. I realized that God had displayed His enormous sense of humor and apparently at my expense. All I could see in the darkness was water standing where I had just Guess my neighbor to the right of me is going to have the greenest, lushest grassy ditch in the neighborhood (he just sprayed it last weekend to kill the grass in his ditch so he wouldn't have to mow it; which, tells me that anybody even remotely close to me is subject to God's humor too!)

When the storm subsided enough that I was able to get back online, the first email I opened was from the NWS. Where were they before I worked my butt off?

I live in Swartz!

Told ya God has a sense of humor!

(now playing Wilson Pickett: Knock On Wood's like thunder and lightning...)


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Blogger Diane said...

ooh... apparently God has a MEAN sense of humor...sorry about your plants...glad you are ok

Saturday, June 9, 2007 at 9:38:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Marsha said...

nah, I don't see it as God having a mean sense of humor at all... I don't think of God as mean in any way. I didn't lose any plants, just the new top soil, the new seed and fertilizer. It's all replaceable and I'm laughing about it now. I'll laugh again when I see the neighbor mowing his lush ditch in a week or two which is where it all washed out to. (now that might be mean of me to do so!)

BTW, flash flood warnings are not uncommon here but it seldom happens... we just got enough last night to wash away my hard work.

Saturday, June 9, 2007 at 12:55:00 PM CDT  

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