Wednesday, May 23, 2007

WOW - or How To Increase Hits On Your Blog

I logged onto my blog late yesterday afternoon and found that the number of hits had increased significantly beyond what I usually get. As I was considering a new and serious post, the hits kept coming and I'm going WT- (I'm trying hard to give up that using that particular letter/word to express myself... so you fill in the dash... and no, I'm not always successful at avoiding the use of colorful language... okay, so I'm not perfect). Anyhow, it only took a quick trip to my favorite blog to see why.

There on the front of Kristie's blog was my name and a link to my pathetic little blog and a quote of a comment I had left on one of her posts. Ohmigosh... I've been quoted by Kristie. My heart started pounding, my head began to swell and for about half a second, I felt very important!

The truth is, I use this blog as a release for me. If someone reads what I write and enjoys it, I think that is great. If not, well I am seasoned (read old) enough to handle that too. I welcome your comments or simply your presence but I will never consider what I do to be in the same league as my favorite bloggers. You'll find a partial list of my favorites with links on the right side somewhere.

Kristie is my favorite because of her openness and willingness to share who she is and her life experience honestly and with great humor. I've followed her family from the pre-blog days of her caringbridge site for daughter Kendrie. What an amazing story Kristie has to share, not only about Kendrie's cancer, but also that her husband Blaine suffers from cancer as well. Even how she and Blaine became parents to their three children will have you laughing and crying, sometimes at the same time.

So check out her blog and let's just see how fast we can run up the number of hits on her site! uh, the 2 or 3 of you who didn't get here from her site in the first place that is!

(I do have a serious post about a change in my plans and my friend Margaret planned for later... I just haven't been able to find the words just yet but please keep Margaret in your prayers.)

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