Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Few More

This is another file created by blending several images and layers of text and a quote. Simple blending and text is fairly easy to do with the right images.
(click image to see a larger version)
This is a recent work that was done to complete a challenge in one of my graphic groups. It involved several techniques and the use of multiple filters / plugins and loosely following a tutorial to get a particular result. I loved the graphic of the baby's face. Again, this is a stock photo and does not belong to me, although it reminds me of my own children when they were that age. My children all had big blue eyes with long dark lashes.
(click image to see a larger version)
This one was also created from several images and involved different techniques and multiple layers. I did this one based on something I saw and worked to duplicate a similar result with my own touches added.
(click image to see a larger version)
This is one of my favorites. I did this one based on a graphic I saw on the web that I loved. I tried hard to create a similar effect while trying to make my own creation and not just a copy of someone else's work. I normally display this file on a more suitable background but placing several images on a blog post presents a bit of a problem with that unless I want to do a bit of work. I don't wanna do a bit of work so here it is in plain vanilla form.
(click image to see a larger version)
There are more to come somewhere down the line but this will have to suffice for now.


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