Thursday, October 16, 2008

AHS Homecoming 2008 - Thursday Night

These photos were taken at the football game Thursday night. School was out for fall break so everything moved up a day this year. I didn't get any pictures of Emily this night. I'm not sure why but I didn't. She chose not to join the band as she wanted to be in the pep squad (or whatever it's currently called), then dropped out of that and plans to rejoin the band next year. I understand that she is quite talented on the clarinet so I hope she does.


This is a picture of Erin sitting in the flute section before the game. She's the one looking back up at me with the please don't embarass me look on her face. She is a sophomore this year and plans to go to LSU and wants to be in the band there. Her new boyfriend is a senior and captain of the drum line. This is the first time I met him. He seems like a really nice young man and they seem well suited.


This is Nick, aka the new boyfriend. We sat near the band, right next to the drum section and were able to watch him perform while we were there. He seems to be quite talented and respected.


This is Dustin. He is Emily's boyfriend. He is so sweet and just like one of the family. He plays the french horn and I got a kick out of watching him perform in the stands as he sat just a row or two above Nick.

The Airline Band is really good and has an outstanding reputation. They performed a show this year called Urban Pulse which was written specifically for them and I loved the music. They move so much on the field that it is almost impossible to follow individuals.

I have a lot more pictures of the band, both in the stands and from their performance on the field during the pre-game show. I may try to post more of those later but just wanted to get some pics of the kids out here for now. I'll put the pictures taken before they left for the homecoming dance on Friday in a separate post.

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