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I am so frustrated. I literally hate AOL right now. I kept an AOL account for years because I travel to places, like to my mother's home and a few other locations, where I had no way to access the internet except by using AOL access numbers. I have DSL at home so I haven't needed that access here for several years, but continued to pay to have the access available to me wherever I went. AOL also offered it's paid members lots and lots of online storage for pictures and other types of files. I took advantage of that storage for many of the pictures, music and videos that I posted on this blog because it gave me more control. I justified the expense for the access coupled with the massive storage I had.

Long story short, AOL is changing how they do business and decided to do away with their ftp storage. Users had a one month notice to get all of their files to a new online location or downloaded if needed. Needless to say, the AOL ftp gateway was not accessible most of that time due to the sheer volume of files to be moved and because their clunky ftp software would only allow people to download one file at a time. Not a problem for me since I already have most of those files stored somewhere on my hard drive anyway. The real problem for me and lots of other people, including many ebay users, is that we coded the location of those files to reference the AOL storage site.

I contacted AOL several times about this matter and was assured as late as yesterday that even though I would not have ftp access (meaning I would not be able to upload / download files anymore), the files would still be there. I asked the question three times yet the tech helping me didn't understand what I was asking or deliberately misinformed me. I'm more angry at myself because I was fairly certain what was going to happen but let someone assure me of something that I suspected wasn't true. The point is, I now have holes all over my blog pages because of this. I just fixed the header but still have many files that I need to get to flickr or some other site and then I will still have to re-code every instance of the files that are affected or just remove the coding referencing those files completely. So if you see blank spaces or the dreaded red x on my pages, that's why.

If you see flames and smoke coming from this site in the next few days or weeks, well that will be coming from me!

EDIT: I decided to simply remove the coding referencing any files stored at AOL until I can get them moved to a new location. I've been thinking about re-doing the site anyway, but haven't found a look that I am satisfied with yet. Obviously, with the lack of updates, I've struggled a bit with what to post or what direction to take this blog in or if I even want to keep it going. hmmmm... seems like this blog truly is a reflection of my life.


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Blogger Linda said...

I read on someone's blog recently they had run out of room on Blogger for their pictures. Guess we all need to have a Plan B. Good luck!

Saturday, November 1, 2008 at 8:23:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Marsha said...

that's one of the reasons I chose to use the massive storage space at AOL... I had far more space to store photos or other files and all types of files... for example, blogger will not store my icon file but AOL did. At least when you run out of space on blogger, your existing coding is not affected, you can just simply use flickr, photobucket, other. I used my AOL storage as additional space and I am in no danger of running out on blogger. Coding, again is less controllable using blogger.

The reason I am upset is that I was paying for the storage on AOL! Blogger space, flickr and photobucket are all free!

Saturday, November 1, 2008 at 10:26:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Gill said...

Oh Marsha I feel for you - this type of thing is SO annoying! I wonder if it is universal that any company in anyway related to computers and the internet is completely hopeless at customer service? Sure looks that way to me!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008 at 1:23:00 AM CST  

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