Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I am all over the place in my musical taste. Three of my favorite artists from the past are James Taylor, Carole King and Jim Croce because their music takes me somewhere. They set a tone or enhance a mood or tell a story. I love Lela James (great R&B singer and I will feature her music on a future post), The Beatles, Earl Klugh (terrific Jazz guitar), The Eagles, Eva Cassidy and Tina Turner just to name a few and I do like some of the newer music, although honestly, I'm not that familiar with it. I like Contemporary Christian, R&B, Jazz, Soul, Rock, Crossover Country (not twang... NEVER ! EVER ! TWANG !!!), Oldies, Classical... even Opera on a limited basis.

In my cd player right now are disks including a mixed Christian artist cd, Jackson Browne, Lela James, Elliott Yamin, The Eagles and the Phantom of the Opera sound track. I have music from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s converted for use in my mp3 player.

I am only sorry that I have zero ability to sing. How I wish I could sing... but I can't! I'm so bad that I tell myself to stop singing! (but do I listen? noooooo... I go right on wailin' out with whatever I happen to be listening to at the time) I took piano lessons when I was young but was too lazy to practice enough to get good at it. I played the clarinet in band during my school days but never touched it again after my high school graduation. As an adult, I've tried the guitar with limited success, telling myself it is because my hands are small and it is just too hard to make the spans for the chords (hey, it's a valid excuse). In reality, I just don't have whatever it takes to become really good at any of those instruments, whether what it takes is desire or talent.

So I guess I just have to work harder at listening. That seems to be the only real musical skill that I have. That and clapping... I clap really good!

Now playing Miss You by the Rolling Stones. They aren't my favorite group, but the songs I do like by the Stones are ones I will love forever.


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