Thursday, March 06, 2008

Winter Weather

Right now at 6:20 pm, it's a balmy 63° here in Monroe, Louisiana. Get this, we have a winter storm warning out for tonight and tomorrow! We have a good possibility of sleet, freezing rain and even some snowfall, although I would be surprised to see more than a few flakes if that. It's all supposed to move in, starting with rainfall in a couple of hours. This time tomorrow, Woody, Ginger and I could be freezing our tails (well, literally theirs but only figuratively mine as I don't really have a tail) off.

I know my granddaughters in Bossier have to be excited. School gets cancelled with the hint of winter weather here... and for good reason. I stay off the roads when it gets icy or snowy here, not because I can't handle it, I grew up in winter weather and learned to drive in it. No, I stay off the roads because the drivers here don't know how to drive in it!

I plan to wrap up in a blanket in a few minutes and see who stays and who leaves on AI.

Stay warm all!


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Anonymous Robin said...

I really hate to hear you have winter weather coming in..we are suppose to have at least of inch of rain tomorrow which we need. I understand everything you posted as it is the same in NC when the s word is even mentioned!!! It was almost 70 today, walked Holly and worked up a sweat. Ran around in short sleaves all day. Stay warm!

Thursday, March 6, 2008 at 9:52:00 PM CST  

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