Friday, July 11, 2008

On His Way

John loaded up the last couple of days and headed out permanently for his new home just outside of St. Louis, Missouri. He was here the last couple of weeks visiting, shopping, packing and getting whupped by his momma in Trivial Pursuit (although he did make mincemeat of me a couple of times). We both drove over to Bossier City last week, John to hit the boats and visit with Dee and her girls while I went to visit and finish my interview / photo session with Sarah.

Dee and the girls, along with Emily's friend Dustin, drove over here late Monday and stayed until Wednesday afternoon in order to spend more time with John before he got gone. We took a few photos in front of the trailer John rented to move the items he decided to take with him to Missouri. He still has his house here and left a good bit behind as he hopes to be able to transfer back to the area at some point. If that doesn't happen according to his plans he will deal with how to handle the rest of his stuff and sell his home later. Thankfully, he put himself in a good position to have some options as this is a bad time to try to sell a home in this area, like much of the country right now.

So Ginger, Woody K. and I are on our own again and the house just always seems so quiet after everyone has come and gone.

Here's a couple of pictures from Wednesday right before Dee and her brood headed back to Bossier. One is of Dee and her girls and John holding Erin's dog Bijou and the other is of the girls and uncle (which is how John is known in our family, not Uncle John, but simply uncle) along with Dustin, who turned out to be a big help for John in getting some of the heavier items out and into the trailer. Not great photos but certainly a record of memories for our family.



We miss you already John!

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Anonymous Sarah said...

LOL! In both pictures I was blinking!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008 at 3:29:00 AM CDT  

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