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I decided a while back that it might be fun to do some interviews with members of my family and/or friends for my blog. Like most of you, family and friends are the most important things my life (along with Ginger and Mr. Woody K. Nibs of course). Besides, I think we learn something about ourselves when we concentrate on others and at sixty-one it might be time I get to know myself a little better.

I also wanted this process to be fun. I realized in the middle of this first personal interview experience that I will have to hone my skills as I tend to be stiff and impersonal and look for facts too much instead of digging out those little nuggets of interesting and fun bits of information (all the good secrets) about the people I love. I think that probably comes from conducting too many job interviews while I was working and being restricted from getting too personal.

I chose to start this series of interviews / posts with my granddaughter Sarah. All of my granddaughters are sweet, fun and interesting in their own right but Sarah and I have an easy connection that just made it seem natural to start with her. She is my daughter Dee's youngest child and my next to youngest grandchild. She is smart and funny and very talented. She loves to play games as does our entire family.

I started by sending her a list of questions and told her to answer the ones she wanted and if there was anything else she wanted to say to add it on to the list. She answered most of them but as a typical tween / teen she didn't volunteer too much information. We finished up this past Friday morning with a photo session in a small park across from the middle school that Sarah attends. It was hot and miserable and I have a lot to learn about photography and setting up shots as well, particularly when the sun is scorching down on us.

With all that said, here is my interview with Sarah complete with pictures:

What's your name? Sarah Grace

At the park entrance

Do you like your name? Its ok, I like Madison though.

What's your best quality? Hmm that's tough, I think my best quality is that I'm a good listener.

Sarah chose this setting!

Do you have a boyfriend? Yes, his name is Jordan D. He is tall with dark brown hair.

Are you a good student? I would consider it that. But yes, this year I was in all non-honor classes and next year I'm going to be in English honors and Advanced math!!

I liked this one a lot!

What grade are you going to be in? I will be in 7th grade.

Do you play any instrument? I play the saxophone, out of the entire beginners I made 3rd chair saxophone.

Do you like being the youngest in your family? Its ok at times, but sometimes when we went to theme parks I would be too short to ride some rides since I was younger.
And of course the requisite jump photos

What's your favorite sport? Well, I like playing basketball, but I'm not that great at it. :)

Do you know what you want to study in college? I might want to study business and own my own pet store.
Two of them!

You do know that you can't be serious about a boy until you're 32 don't you? 32!!!! You must be crazy woman lol.

Surfin' on a child's teeter totter and you're calling me crazy?

Tell me something about yourself that I don't know. hmmmm... let the record show that Sarah chose not to answer this question!

Now, tell me something about yourself that your mother doesn't know! hmmmm... guess what... she didn't answer this one either! smart girl!

I liked it so much I am posting it twice!

I want to thank Sarah for her patience with me and for putting up with the intolerable summer heat during our little photo session. It was really hard to narrow down the choices of what to post as there are many good ones that are not displayed here. I'm sorry that I didn't think to get a picture of Jordan. Perhaps I will get to meet him again before he moves with his family to Colorado and will take one of him then.

I love you Goose!

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Blogger Linda said...

What a great post!!! You really didn't think Sarah would be revealing anything she didn't want her Mom to know? She's a lovely girl!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008 at 3:14:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Gill said...

I love your interview and the photos, brilliant idea! Sarah is a darling. Please, please, please can I steal your idea? I'd love to do interviews with my family for my blog.

Monday, July 7, 2008 at 1:30:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Marsha said...

Oh Gill... there is nothing new under the sun, (meaning this was not a totally new concept when I came up with it) and you are certainly more than welcome to interview your family members on your blog.

I would love to read your interviews!

Monday, July 7, 2008 at 1:52:00 AM CDT  
Anonymous Sarah said...

Yes, Sarah is a lovely girl. She is smart too.

I think for her birthday that she should get $200.00!!


I love you mimi!!

Monday, July 7, 2008 at 3:50:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Marsha said...

Sarah is all those things and so much more... and I certainly hope some loving relative or friend will give her $200.00 for her birthday! ;-)

Monday, July 7, 2008 at 3:58:00 PM CDT  
Blogger MoziEsmĂ© said...

Great photos, and a great way to get to know family better! She's a sweetheart . . .

Wednesday, July 9, 2008 at 12:14:00 PM CDT  
Anonymous Randall said...

Wonderful interview. A lot of fun to read. I think what constitutes "serious" about the opposite sex changes as we get older. Hopefully in a good way.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008 at 3:25:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Gill said...

Thanks Marsha! I posted my interview with Rox today. I found her answers so interesting and unexpected. This was a great exercise!

Thursday, July 10, 2008 at 6:54:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Melli said...

This is soooooo sweet Marsha! I just love it! Your Sarah looks (and sounds) ike a very sweet tween!

Thursday, July 17, 2008 at 9:22:00 PM CDT  

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