Monday, July 14, 2008

Photography Tips

I am an email freak. Since the day I first found the great big WWW, I have been a hard-core email user. From that point and to this day I joined multiple groups covering such varied interests as computer technology, crime (yes, I said crime), digital graphics, genealogy, humor, faith and inspiration, writing and of course photography. My involvement led me to sign up for multiple newsletters that I receive via email. Each and every day of my life, I handle on an average better than 200 emails a day from those various sources as well as the personal email from friends and family. When I started this blog, my email increased based on the activity level of the site.

Today, one of my photography newsletters contained some helpful hints. I loved them. They were written by plain ol' people like me who shoot for fun who were willing to share their best thoughts on taking good photos.

Here are a few of my favorite tips:
    Take the lens cap off!
    Take your camera with you!
    Shoot only in raw format!
    Master shooting in jpg format and NEVER shoot in raw!
    It's the archer not the arrow!
    Think before you press the shutter!
    Do you really want a picture of this?
    It's not the camera!
    Never stop learning!
There were many more tips, far more technical than the ones I've listed, but I think I will keep working to master these first! especially the one about taking the lens cap off!!!

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Anonymous Your Photo Tips said...

"Do you really want a picture of this?" has to be my favorite.

I can't tell you how many times I've gone home to do some editing and thought to myself "What was I thinking?".

Damien Franco

Tuesday, July 15, 2008 at 5:37:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Linda said...

When I started reading this I thought Oh boy, some good advise.

You got me!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008 at 7:07:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Marsha said...

Sorry Linda... there's no way I could give anyone advise. I really wish I knew what the heck I was doing when I'm out there with my camera. I have things that have been very easy for me to do or learn but photography is not one of them. I do better with the post-processing than the actual shoot!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008 at 7:16:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Donna Boucher said...

I love that list of do's and don'ts :o)
Especially the shoot in Raw,
don't shoot in Raw, bit. ;o)

Monday, July 21, 2008 at 2:16:00 PM CDT  

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