Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ginger Wants To Play

My mom's blogger friend Diane let her dog Scout do an entry to her blog after Scout got tagged! That means that Scout posted 8 random facts/habits about herself. Scout didn't know very many doggies to tag so she said any doggie that wanted to play could consider themselves tagged. So, when I found out about it, I asked my mom if I could do it. She said sure... so here are 8 facts/habits about me:

1. I am also a girl dog. I got my name, Ginger, because of my coloring. My mom thinks I am beautiful!

2. I am part Border Collie and part Australian Shepherd. That means I am a working class dog and that I love to herd. I lead my mom to bed every night but she doesn't always appreciate me doing that. She says she knows the way and that she got there for years without me leading the way! HAH! I'm pretty sure she slept on MY sofa most of the time before I got there to show her how to get to the bedroom.

3. My best friend is Mr. Woody K. Nibs. My mom brought Woody home with her last year. I like Woody and chase him around the house. He belonged to my mom's dad, Paps, who died last year. That was sad.

4. I love to travel (see 5,6 and 7). Actually, I just love to go anywhere and my mom takes me lots of places with her. We go to the dump and to the store. If I am really good, mom takes me to the recreation center and I get to run all over the fields there, until I get so tired that I go home and sleep for hours. Sometimes, she even takes me to get ice cream. I looooooove ice cream.

5. I've been to Indiana with my mom and visited with our family there. When I was a puppy, Paps let me sit in his lap. That was when he felt better. Paps liked to watch me do tricks and told everybody that I was the smartest dog he ever knew.

6. I've been to Bossier City with my mom. That is where our granddaughters, Erin, Emily and Sarah Grace, live with their mommy Dee. They used to have a doggie named Hailey. She is a pretty yellow lab and bigger than me but she doesn't live with them anymore. That's okay because she has a good home now somewhere else. I miss her.

7. I have been to Florida, where our other granddaughters, Anna and Kayla live with their mommy Jamie. One time when I was there, they had a new puppy named Winston and a foster doggie named Zolton but we called him Zoloft, because he just laid around and hardly ever moved. He was a rescue greyhound that Jamie only kept for a few weeks. We found out later that he had heartworms and he had to get treatment. Me and Winston had lots of fun though, running inside and out and even swimming in the pool, which I liked to do, but Winston got scared in the pool.

8. I love John. My mom calls John her baby boy but he looks big to me. John gave me to my mom for Christmas when I was a puppy the year she retired. He lives close to us and sometimes he takes me to his house to play in his backyard. He keeps me when my mom goes places that I can't go. Like now. She is in Indiana with Granny and I couldn't go so me and Mr. Nibs are staying at my house and John comes every day to take care of us. I miss my mom but it's okay because I love John... ooooops, I already said that didn't I?

9. (this is an extra cause I am a diva, a real prima dona and can't stop where I am supposed to but I wanted to mention this one for Scout) Scout said she is going to help her mom plan a service for Blessing of Animals this fall. I was blessed at my mom's church by Weldon and Betty. That was really special. Scout, all your animal friends will like that service. You are a good doggie and a good friend.

I don't know any doggies with blogs so I am not going to tag anybody. I will just do what Scout did and tell anybody who wants to play that they can consider themselves tagged.

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Blogger Diane said...

Scout says: tell me what it felt like being blessed. I hope I can be blessed too. I think that dogs bless people all the time.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007 at 7:21:00 AM CDT  

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