Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Playing Bridge - On A Houseboat

I spent a good part of the day Monday, playing bridge with some friends. It's been a long time, over 5 years at least, since I last enjoyed that activity. I was surprised at how readily the bidding and play came back to me. It helped that the cards were kind and that I was with old friends who are no more serious about bridge than I am. The four of us, along with several others, learned to play bridge many, many years ago when we were all young corporate wives to husbands who transferred here with GM.

Many changes have taken place in our lives over the past thirty-some years; our children are all grown, we have grandchildren, some marriages didn't survive, some people transferred, some died. Over the years we've been homemakers and later we had careers, some moved away and then came back and now we are all retired... and playing bridge again!

It was fun to get back together especially on the houseboat, which belongs to my friend Diane's son, Danny and his wife Pat. Not only are they generous enough to allow us to use the boat, Pat, who was working from home that day, kept us in coffee. And that was much appreciated on a chilly fall day.

Here's a few pictures from our day.

A picture looking out over the front of the houseboat... the colors were gorgeous along the river.

This is Vickie.

This is Diane.

This is Janan, who was smart enough to bring ear muffs!

Vickie is mulling over her next play.

Diane is thinking about her next bid.

Janan is eating, which may be our ulterior motive for playing bridge... we munched all day.

This is Danny and Pat's Irish Setter, Abby. She's a beautiful dog who spent the day tripping the latch on the gate to break out and chase a cat that was teasing her from the nearby grounds.

She totally wore herself out chasing that cat! We bridge players weren't the only ones who had fun on Monday!

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